How to clean/sanitize/disinfect/sterilize Precision Port Resealable Bags?

Regarding these bags Anova Precision Port™ Resealable Bags – Anova Culinary

For cleaning / sanitizing / disinfecting / sterlizing them properly…

  • Can they be boiled? For how long?
  • Can they withstand even hotter dry temperatures eg in an oven?
  • How hot temperature can they withstand?
  • How long would it take in eg a 80C bath to kill everything that can collect on the bags?
  • What disinfectants are safe or not safe to use when cleaning the bags?

Hi ya @taunohermanni

Regarding ONLY your fourth bullet point; “How long would it take in eg a 80C bath to kill everything that can collect on the bags?”

Killing everything at 80ºC is not possible.

These “look” to be similar construction to regular diamond pattern bags, I do not possess this product, thus supposition, not recommendation, you need to research materials properly.

This is thin plastic, think hard before doing something dumb such as product ruining soaks in boiling water or putting this type of plastic in an even hotter oven it will kill your product, maybe break the glass of a combi oven turntable.

Hand wash with a good degreasing washing up liquid using tap hot water that doesn’t scald.
Loosen off any detritus, get into the corners with a finger.
Rinse (logically)
Air dry, check for cleanliness, then use a cold water sterilising fluid such as for baby bottles (but check with the manuf Anova)

I think the biggest thing you need to do is understand the potential for plastics softening & limitations upon use, I urge you to conduct your own research into various materials, commonly used in sous vide, for instance I do not exceed 85c based on bag construct (ziplok) for periods longer than 30 mins, I try to cook cooler as standard, to avoid leaching type concerns.