Commercial cryo bags

I plan to cook a whole bottom round roast (25lbs.) sous vide. I previously did a 10 lb. piece that was incredibly tender ( 3 days @ 128 degrees ). My question is can I use the original bag that the roast came in. It is heavy gauge and well sealed. I just don’t know if it can take the modest heat or if it is safe to cook in concerning BPA. Does anyone have any info on this? 

It depends on your butcher. There’s only one answer and that’s to ask them if their bags are food-safe at that temperature. Have you been buying from them for a while? 

It depends on the bag that is used, there are many different opinions on the safety of all plastics. I would normally err on the side of caution and repackage the meat. For anything over an hour or so I will use my own vacuum bags. I do get some steaks that my butcher vacuum seals and I will use his bag after removing the label.

Thanks for the input. Think I’ll stick with my own bags to be safe.