How to make, transport, hold 20-30 cute little egg bites in jars and impress non-nerds

I am looking for a little advice and handholding— I’d really like to take about 30 cute little egg bites in individual canning jars to a Harvest Breakfast next week and impress everyone. I’m nervous about cooking ahead & transporting them in my big plastic box of hot water. Any tips or advice?

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I’d suggest making them, then cool them off, store them in the fridge until you’re ready for them. Drive to wherever you’re going without a tub of warm water. Fill up your vessel with hot water. Pop them in the heated bath (set a few degrees colder than what you comes them at) then put the egg bites in until they’re reheated.

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Yup. They store great. You can eat them cold. They don’t need sous vide to retherm, a toaster oven or similar would be fine if you want them browned off. I blast mine for about 30 seconds in the microwave and eat them straight from the jar most often…

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Hmm. I think I’d put them in the bath before you got the water heated up. Glass doesn’t react to shocking all that well. You don’t want to be taking cold egg bites and putting them into a hot bath…

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Thanks, Brian. I will take your advice. I think I’ll just transport in the empty container and add warm tap water on arrival then heat up some more with Precision Cooker to avoid shocking the glass as suggested below. I really .want people to pluck them out of the bath with canning tongs so they can see the sous vide process in action :hugs:

Thanks! I don’t really care about browning and I think they’ll be curious about the process so I want them bathing when they’re served, LOL

Good point! Thanks.

I’d cook them there as per this recipe.

Then you can offer different toppings