How to use Foodsaver without juice from food leaking into tray when sealing even when you are using the gentle and moist setting

How do you seal a food saver bag with food in it that has a lot of juice and keep it from leaking into the tray of the foodsealer even on the gentle and moist food setting?

Input it in the freezer. Once frozen put the meat or fish in the bag and vacuum it. I do this with octopus for example. Works great.

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thankyou for the idea, but, do you cook it from frozen?

Hi @Judy_L_Kurban

Actually, once it’s been frozen, vacuum packed, and sealed there would be no problem with cooking it immediately. Just extend your cook time to allow for required thawing.


So, would you thaw it in the microwave?

You’d thaw it in the water bath

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Judy, for optimum results freeze your food quickly and thaw it slowly. That’s how to prevent excess moisture loss in meat. Thawing in a microwave oven will cause increased moisture loss. It’s better to plan ahead and thaw in your refrigerator.

Many cooks here have satisfactory SV outcomes starting from the frozen state.

Chicken breasts can be particularly delicious if packed and frozen with a little concentrated stock or wine, seasoning, and some herbs. It mostly contributes to aroma which is a significant part of taste.

how much extra time do you allow, with the cooktime for it to thaw.

Hi @Judy_L_Kurban

Most usually go with Fresh Cook Time + (Fresh Cook Time / 2)

Hope this helps.

Is this Fresh cook time + fresh cook time divided by two?

Fresh Cook Time + (Fresh Cook Time divided by two)

Click on the link I provided above and read. It will explain all about this in detail.

Good luck.

don’t see the link.

Here it is again.

Thankyou, will investigate.

If I want to cook from raw I make the vacuum bag bigger, roll up some paper kitchen towel and place it fairly close to the top, I then vacuum seal it above the paper towel. When its sealed, I then reseal it below the paper towel and cut that bit off :slight_smile: The paper towel collect all the moisture and you don’t have to stress.



Take 1 paper towel and roll it up. Fold the rolled towel so that it fits inside the vacuum seal bag and across from seam to seam. In other words, like a “dam” .The “dam” should be maybe 2 inches below the opening of the bag. Seal the bag. The juices will be absorbed by the towel. :slight_smile:

tried that, but, it didn’t work that well, absorbed all the juice but then went above it.

Judy, please describe the type of juice you want to package with your food as it cooks. Maybe we are chasing a problem that isn’t.

Go to and search for liquid blockers. They work well and you get 12 for about $12.99. You place the food in the bag and insert the blocker. It can be extended to the width of the bag. Then vacuum seal. Liquid is trapped in the blocker. They are reusable and dishwasher safe.

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