Hyper speed of temperature button

In the latest (or one before that) the temperature button on the handle was changed so that if you held it down it sped up. So for example in sous vide mode it would initally go up by 0.1 degree and once held down then go up by 1 degree. I like this. But I don’t like the “hyper speed” mode in that it then starts going up 10 degrees at a time as it’s impossible to stop it and you have to do the whole process again.

For example, my oven is at 50 degrees in sous vide mode. I want 70 degrees and don’t want to get the app out. I hold down the temp up button and it will go 50.1, 50.2 etc until about 51 then 52 53 54 until about 59 then suddenly it will be 60 70 80 90 in about 1 second total. I’d love it to just stay at the single degree change. It doesn’t take that long. Or the 10 degree jumps have a second between each jump.

Anyone else find the “hyper speed mode” frustrating or is it just me?

I couldn’t agree more, makes setting the temperature from the handle really frustrating. And, do we really need the .1 resolution? Half a degree is ok on the stick, shouldn’t that be enough? If someone needs higher precision use the app?

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That’s a good point. TBH even 1 degree increments on the front panel would be fine. I use the app most times but for just a quick simple process use the front panel. I can’t ever remember caring if it was at 53 or 53.1.

Similarly the steam can only be set in 10% increments on the front panel but smaller increments in the app. Funny I use the 5% setting a lot for steam so have to use the app for this but it’s not a big deal TBH.

Totally agree that the handle buttons are FUBAR. There should be a small touch-pad with a 10-key entry.

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I just found out that I can’t set the temp in smaller steps than 1 degree in the app. Was it always like this?
Anyway it show how often I needed higher precision than 1 degree.
Still, I don’t see why the app is more limited than the control on the handle. I prefer it like it is on the stick, use the app if you for some reason need more precision than what you can do on the handle.
The steam setting is like it should be, smaller steps in the app than on the APO.