Ikea SAMLA box

Rubbermaid is next to impossible to find in Australia, and they only sell a very small range here.

Bunnings have a number of storage boxes that are suitable. Many of those are BPA free and some are labelled as safe for food. Very cheap too, some are under $10 for something in the right size.

Alternatively, buy a polycarbonate container. (They are more expensive though.)


Or, like many other people have done here, find a camping cooler that’s the right size and cut a hole into the lid.

Or, most likely as a zero-cost option, pop down to your local greengrocer and ask whether they have any spare styrofoam broccoli boxes. They are waterproof, light, and insulate extremely well, and it’s easy to make a hole in the lid with a piece of heated fencing wire or similar.


So the IKEA boxes are safe or?

The jury is out to be honest. I bought a gastronorm 1/1 150mm deep stainless steel container for €10 last week. Cooked 3 racks of baby back ribs with plenty of room and no bad smells. This is what I’ll be using from now on.

that one is ok for sure, but I would like to know for the IKEA boxes… Tomorrow I’m going to IKEA and I would like to know if buying a box or not :slight_smile:

Seeing that you have your food hermetically sealed in bags anyway, health issues are not something I’d worry about. The Ikea box is made out of PP (polypropylene). That’s not terribly suitable for higher temperatures. Once you go over 60-65 ℃, the plastic goes a little soft. It’ll smell of plastic a little. Once you go towards the boiling point, the container may deform (although I wouldn’t expect it to melt outright).

I’d be inclined to give the Ikea box a miss and go with something more suitable, such as a polycarbonate container.


yea that’s what I was worried about… how does it tolerate high temps… because on google I found some articles that says PP tolerates temperatures aprox. to 120-130°C

I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. No first-hand experience. If you want to give it a go, I’m sure you are not going to poison yourself or anything like it. With the food in a vacuum bag, you could probably cook it in a bucket of motor oil and it would still be fine. (No, i’m not suggesting to do that :wink: )

If the plastic smell annoys you, stop using that container. If the container deforms at higher temperatures, stop using that container. If it all works and you are happy with what you are getting, keep using the container.

It really is as simple as that.


hahaahah yea it’s easy, I’m asking because I don’t own it yet and I wouln’t like to spend money in something I will throw away… I would rather invest that money in a good steak :smiley:

Having bought both my recommendation would be to go for stainless steel. Any catering supplies company will have them for sale.

I bought a box for 5,95€. If anyone is from an EU country I found this one in Bauhaus, the price is with lid included:

and this one in Leroy Merlin:

I decided to take the first one in Bauhaus as it feels a little bit more robust than the Leroy Merlin’s one.

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