Is it normal the food comes out of the bag wet?

Hello! Iā€™m totally new here and just tried the Anova for the first time on a piece of salmon and a piece of chicken thigh. Both sealed in properly. When opening the bag after cooking a lot of fluid came out. Is this normal? First I thought the bag had leaked, but this was not the case. Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Totally normal. Anything will lose a little moisture as it cooks. The moisture produced is pure essence of whatever was cooked. The difference between sous vide and other methods of cooking is that the moisture can not escape anywhere so you actually get to see it.

For meats, the fluid can be clarified (bring to a simmer to allow the proteins to coagulate then strain) and added to a sauce.

If you are looking to sear your product before serving you will need to dry it thoroughly before doing so. Moisture is the enemy of the Maillard reaction.

Thank you @Ember! That explains a lot. Looking forward to experimenting a lot more :slight_smile:

Do yourself a big favour and keep a journal of your experiments. Details like the item processed (cut of meat, type of fish or whatever), temperature, time, pre and post sous vide treatment. Also include a critique of the outcome and anything you would consider changing for the next time.

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