Is it safe to have vinegar in water while cooking food?

I live in an area with hard water. One way to handle lime scale build-up, which is recommended here on the forums, is to run the unit with water and vinegar when needed. I’m considering running with a smaller amount of vinegar in the water, but to do this every time I use the unit rather than only for cleaning. The plastic bags should prevent the vinegar to affect the food. Has anyone tried it, and/or know of any reason not to do this?

I too have hard water issues.  I add white vinegar to the water most of the time (basically when I remember to dump it in).  I haven’t had any issues yet.  Besides, there really isn’t anything to damage.  As for the food, I vacuum seal, so it isn’t affected due to the heavier bags.  I have no idea how zip lock bags might react since I’ve never tried them.

Thank you, acs. This is about what I expected, and I’ll be trying it out from now on.

I’d question what it does to your machine over the longer term

Keeps it cleaner. It’s common to use vinegar to clean appliances that heat water. e.g. Coffee pots, humidifiers.