Stopping Limescale

Where I live the water is fairly hard and lime-scale builds up both on my Anova and the pan I mostly use.

It’s no massive problem. I used to just use some de-scaler to clean everything now and then.

Then the penny dropped. I now put a big pinch of ordinary salt into the Sous Vide bath and now I don’t get lime-scale.

Job done.


Good idea! The only question I would have is would the saline environment cause corrosion to the PC?

I’m posting a second reply so it flags up for you.

I have deleted my previous post because this covers the same ground in more detail.

I have now used a loop (powerful magnifying glass) to inspect the submerged parts thoroughly. Including those hidden in the sleeve.

If there were electrolytic corrosion taking place I would expect to find some pitting in the early stages. FWIW Electrolytic corrosion can take place if two dissimilar metals are placed in an electrolyte. Sodium Chloride does make he water into an electrolyte. However a pinch of salt is all that is needed and this makes for a very poor electrolyte.

Stainless steel is fairly resistant to electrolytic corrosion too.

No corrosion observed.

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I use distilled water in my anova bath. no build up what so ever

Do you have a water softener in your house? If so, using only hot water (that’s what’s hooked up to the softener) should substantially cut dow on hard water deposits.

Thanks @Kevin_000!

I find that if I dry the Anova after use with a hand towel the amount of build-up is severly minimized. So, just take out of the water, let cool slightly, and then carefully disassemble (three pieces…the heater and propeller main until, the metal sleeve, and the plastic bottom piece) and dry as much as possible with a towel. Takes only a minute or two.

Also, I found a clean Anove heats the water quite a bit faster than one with a lot of build-up.

@Kevin_000, someone mentioned putting vinegar in the water; has anyone tried this? I have extremely hard water where I live as well.

I use a tall glass of half water and half vinegar. Let it set for 30 min. Then rinse clean. Works great. I clean when the lime builds up enough to see.

I have!

@Maurice_Stubblefield So after cooking, put the want into the glass with the water / vinegar mixture?

Unscrew the bottom case then put the unit in the water. Rinse then let it dry and reassemble. Don’t the electronics wet. Just the bottom.

Did you try plain white vinegar? It works wonders

Previously I was using a professional descaling fluid. Which like vinegar is a mild acid. (But any des-scaler works).

O had a sprayer filled with it and did a couple of squirts and a quick brush down over the sink. It was very efficient.

The salt stops most of the problem in the first place.

I’m not sure if I do have a softener on the hot water circuit. Thanks - I will check.

If your not lugging 40 lb bags of salt to your softener, you don’t have one. :wink:

I have very hard water as well. I use the half vinegar half water method to clean my APC when I see build up except I use a 1 gallon pitcher and run the APC at 140f for 20 minuets. I also remover the air raters from my faucets and through them in the pitcher to clean the build up from them.

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