Is that a new tank I see?

I opened an email from Anova touting big savings, including a discount on the APO. It was the accompanying photo that caught my eye: The front of the tank appears to be framed with a black plastic.

@anovaculinary is that a new-design tank?


Hey Joe! It is a retrofitted piece that attaches to existing tanks. They are slowly getting seen in the wild on new ovens, and we will have them available for existing ovens soon!

Ooooooh! Pics or it didn’t happen!

I just received my new oven last week and it is NOT included. Hopefully, any improvements are sent out soon.

Just bought one for my daughter and son in law for Christmas/wedding gift. I’ll let you know if they get the shin guard with theirs.

I purchased one last Sunday and it was delivered on Wednesday. Tanks doesn’t look like this so am I to assume I got the faulty one?

The tank you have is updated. The black border is a retrofitted piece that will be avail soon.

what is the purpose of the black retrofit part?

My new one that arrived just before Christmas has this very tank.

It helps block heat which can craze the tank!

Available soon as a free item for APO owners? Or will we have to pay for it?


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Any idea on timelines? Or are they by request? Or both?

I don’t have a timeline right now. We will be back “in the office” next week and can take a look!

So just to clarify we can get a piece to fit to the existing tank rather than ordering a new tank?

What is the process to order this? My first APO has the old tank and I have it shielded with Aluminum foil but obviously apart from being an eyesore probably isn’t perfect. Would like to get this new shield.

Hey Tony! We are working on getting stock in, but drop a note to and we can get you on the list!

Thanks! I’ve sent them an e-mail.

yes, it’s new design..

Do let us know your thoughts when it shows up, please, @tonydav.

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