Is the New APO better than the original one

I purchase my APO Nov 21. It was temperamental to say the least but I used it a lot It died. I am offered a new one for 40 percent off. No other discounts to apply.
Does the latest have less bug and more durable ?

Is it not still under warranty?

You should get a new one on warranty. End of story!

It’s 5 months past the warrantee

When was the last APO physical improvement?

Same Boat. Tempramental Workhorse died after Warranty. Did I ride it and put it away wet? Yes. Workhorse! old one dies…offered 40% discount. Go for it. New one is an obvious step up from early adopter. Unit touchpad is a little less sensitive…still have steam venting with 0% steam…otherwise Anova makes a unit!

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still have steam venting with 0% steam

Unless you are cooking food with no moisture content, or cooking at <100C with 0% added steam, expect some steam to vent. The venting steam comes from moisture from the food.