Late to the party with Induction hobs (WOW) seriously controllable.

Don’t know how popular induction hobs are elsewhere but take up due to swapping out pots & pans means a fair degree of resistance.

Our rarely used Electrolux hob failed after around a mere 6 uses from new, (during uk lockdown) as we tend to use ovens, grills, instant pots & sous vide not life threatening, …so it has become an expensive work surface, but wanting to save energy & a deal at Ikea for a single hob induction plate has wowed this household.

Tonight I vided a combination of bavette steak (blue) medium & a rump, & our first time finishing with induction for steak caught me out, I normally pat dry steaks & have time before the wife adds some colour & butter induced char, …I only had time to pat dry one.
40 ish seconds on each side (if that) across the board.

As all our analon collection is unsuitable for induction we used an ikea 32cm wok out of necessity.

Time to up my game prep wise.
Can see a call to Electrolux to come & take away their “junk” in the meantime anyone clued up as to a battery inverter friendly (home battery storage & solar combination) induction hob as it modulates full on /off

Having used this consistently for finishing, it has proven as good as gas (just as fast, & for our family home carbon footprint better than gas) …it has also meant the need to run an extractor fan (minimum power 120 watts - 150 watts) has been greatly reduced.

Oh yes, bringing water up to heat has been faster than gas too, if you really need to top out your anova pot, (we don’t but always good to know speed saves)