Loss of Temp Overnight

I had 2 lbs of Brisket I put in at around 10:30 pm at 155 F. This morning my Anova was off and at 86 F.

I stupidly forgot to cover and the water evaporated and it auto shut off from low water levels.

If I restart the process and get the meat to the correct temp assuming it hit 155 at some point last night should it still be okay to consume? Just wondering if anyone has experience with this.

That’s a hard call without knowing more about how long it was at temperature and how long it was off. If it was on long enough to fully sterilize the meat, then yes, it “should” be fine. But it’s hard to know (unless it’s giving off a distinct smell and you know it’s bad). You could finish it up and try a little, then refrigerate the rest until you see if you get sick. If you don’t get sick, then you’re probably fine serving it to others!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

Honestly, it’s not worth anyone getting sick. The danger zone is from 40F-127F. Safe to presume that the meat has been in the danger zone long enough that there could be some live pathogens there.
Even if the meat has been pasteurized, spores can survive those temps and hatch once the temperatures are more amenable to their nature.

If you’re of the mind to gamble, make sure no-one you’re serving it to is elderly or has compromised immune systems.

(me, I’d throw it out) - had a similar experience once with several racks of ribs - in my case the power had gone out - ever since any prolonged cooks are with a covered vessel and a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Live and learn. The biggest loss is the opportunity to have you some brisket. However, fortunately for you it was only a 2 lb piece. Take one for the team, toss it and start over. good luck