Max temperature

Can the anova be operated at 212 degrees

Googled it:

Temperature Range.
210°F / 99°C maximum temperature 77°F / 25°C minimum temperature 0.01° variance.


It’s purposefully designed to not boil your bath.

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Assuming you’re at an altitude of less than 1000 ft above sea level.

Thanks for the info

Heh…yeah. I guess they could have put a barometer into it and adjusted the max temp by elevation. :slight_smile:

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Which brings up a good question. Should you adjust the temperature with increase in elevation? I am just short of 4000’

All altitude impacts is the boiling point of water, not the desired doneness of your food…so there’s no reason to change your temperature settings.

At 4000 feet, water boils at 95.5 ºC (204 ºF). That’s it. If you want to cook something at, say, 60 ºC, that’s the same 60 ºC no matter what altitude you are at. Even at the top of Mt Everest, the boiling point is still at around 72 ºC, so you can safely stop worrying, unless you want to cook something sous vide on Everest at more than 72 ºC…


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