Using Anova at high altitutes

Do you have to heat the food for a longer time at high elevations. We are new to using the Anova and tried it out on hard boiled eggs and the whites were somewhat runny after the specified time.
Thanks Mike

No. Higher elevations impact the boiling point, not the temperature. I’m not familiar with the Anova hardboiled eggs recipe, but with my experience with eggs in general, it seams more likely that the eggs were the likely culprit. For hard cooked eggs, I recommend doing it the old fashioned way: less time, less energy.

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You may find this interesting

Altitude is only going to come into play if you were high enough above sea level to bring the boiling point of water down below the temperature needed to cook vegetables (83C/183.5F). Until such time there’s no need to worry.

For 83 °C, you’d have to be at 5,100 m (nearly 17,000 ft) above sea level. If you live in Denver, boiling point is still at 95 °C.

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I realise the situation is particularly unlikely to happen. Unless, perhaps you were taking your Anova mountain climbing or you live in La Rinconada, Peru. :wink:

[quote=“Ember, post:6, topic:10401”]
Unless, perhaps you were taking your Anova mountain climbing or you live in La Rinconada, Peru.[/quote]

Thanks for that! I had no idea that there was a permanent settlement that high.

From Wikipedia: “… average annual temperature in La Rinconada is 1.2 °C and the average annual rainfall is 707 mm.”

Wow! That’s at the absolute extreme what humans can tolerate. And it is eminently impossible to sustain a human population under those climatic conditions without outside inputs. (For starters, nothing can grow there.) That place is comparable to a permanent under-water habitat, or the international space station. The lure of gold…


Man is an amazing creature. I actually saw La Rinconada on a documentary a few months ago and the place stuck in my memory. It’s a shame that the documentary didn’t.

Is this the one?


I just watched that documentary. Part 3 was particularly striking. But I do recommend watching all three parts.

No. I don’t think that one was it, but I will watch it. The one I saw was about the things some have to go through to obtain food. La Rinconada rated a mention because of the altitude, let alone the man made problems from mining.