More frequent coupon codes please!

I know there are a few of us foodies who have been searching every day for the 5get50 coupon code. How often is this coupon put out and would you consider increasing that? I’ve tried all times during the day and evening for the past 10 days and have not seen one coupon. Even a lower dollar coupon but more frequently would help, as many of us have been looking forward to sharing sous vide cooking with our friends. Finally, does the coupon code get announced on the community page in a post? Haven’t seen one yet, so I don’t know and want to make sure I’m looking in the right place.

How about a Memorial Day special coupon? :slight_smile:

Hey @dibachi - We put the coupon out daily at random intervals so our international customers can also participate. The post itself is located at  and is edited to show a new code every day at a randomly set time.

Hope that helps!