Just found out about this cooker is there any new discount codes

Looking to purchase anova I heard good reviews but I can’t seem to find a good coupon code does anyone know of a working one for july

There are none available right now.

The coupon codes were very generous of Anova but like all other good things, they can’t last forever. Please don’t let that put you off buying one! I paid full price for mine and I don’t regret it one bit. 

Becasue I would like to buy a international version, I will wait for next promotion. (Why the price of the international version is much expensive than the US one!?)

There was a “rain” of codes some days ago and nothing one now … I’m looking for an Internation one with no kuck, any help will be appreciated

Greetings from Italy

I am interesting in international version as well.
Coupon code will be highly appreciated :)
BTW why international version is 50$ more expensive ?


Fathers day in Australia soon - US Fathers get a promotion code how about us aussies?  (presumably you can make a coupon geographically restricted)

Hey guys - as soon as we issue new codes we’ll be sure to tell our fanbase here :slight_smile:

All that being said - its great seeing so many international customers!
We’ve been working hard on reducing international shipping costs (UK is under 10 bucks now, same with Hong Kong) and we’re chewing into the EU countries and Aussies for reduced shipping costs.

So while you may not see any new coupons lately, we’ll make sure you see savings in shipping!

@Bill said:
we’re chewing into the EU countries and Aussies for reduced shipping costs.

Add me to the ‘international purchaser waiting for a coupon’ list - basically, the $50 off deals bring the 220v Anova down to the price of a Sansaire (which ship locally from a warehouse in Sydney, Australia).

@LiamF Australia isn’t far off as well, I promise! 

Code: WIFI  --  $50 off.


+1 Aussie hoping for a discount code to make the purchase a little easier. Unfortunately the WIFI code above is no help as there’s not an AU version.

I couldnt understand, my friend gets the discount 10€, but i didnt get it, eventhought i live in Germany… We do it in the same day. How does it happen?