What is the total ship,net cost to Toronto, Canada.?

I see how much the taxes are and Anova’s shipping charge but are there more costs when it crosses the border?

I just checked on their website and it appears they still have free shipping.  (I’d also take a look and find a discount code if I were you - or order when they have discount codes available).  As you’re ordering in USD, the exchange rate soaks us a bit.

There is no duty being charged, as Anova has a warehouse facility in Canada.

Here’s how mine worked out:

Discounts : $-50.00 USD

Subtotal : $149.00 USD

HST : $19.37 USD 

Shipping : $0.00 USD

Total : $168.37 USD

Well worth finding a discount code. :slight_smile:

I’m in Montreal and Ordered one in October. it came from the states and I was charged about $50 in duties.

I guess you had the misfortune of ordering before I did.  Mine was also ordered in October and it shipped November 9th.  

It took them a bit to get their Canadian warehouse stocked.  (one of the dangers of doing a pre-order on a brand new unit - the distribution channel isn’t filled yet).

New orders should ship out of Canada - so no duty.