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I think that I want a few Anova Cookers, but I’m being confused by this site. These forums are quite difficult to navigate, read and post and I’ve been visiting forums for about 30 years. I want an Anova and want my siblings to get them as well. Amazon has one Anova, here at Anova there are a couple. I have an Android, and read in some places that there is an App, there isn’t an app, there will be an app and there are apps to buy. What would I like to see? It doesn’t much matter - I’m not a client yet. .

@kingtiger Thank you for your feedback! The community redesign has some issues and I’m glad to hear your thoughts. Once the bugs are all sorted out we’ll focus our efforts on changes to the look and feel according to the feedback we receive.

The Precision Cooker is our newest product and if you are interested, each day we have a discount of $50 off any product in our store. The code we provide can only be used five times before it expires. The code can be found in our forum here:

The Android app is being worked on and will be out soon, free of charge. The other Android apps for Anova from third-party developers include Anova Remote, Anova Sous Vide, and Sous Vide Celsius.