My Cooking Container

Now, given that I am a DIY-challenged individual who is no longer allowed near any power tool or sharp object anymore, I thought I would share my container setup.

This is what I use. A half size 20cm deep Gastronorm stainless steel container.
(link here

This is placed in the appropriately sized Gastronorm isulated transport box made by Kanga.
(link here

The latter is solid EPP (expanded polypropylene) and is both food and temperature safe. It is also very easy to cut to make a cutout for the ANOVA. Very professional looking too!

On another note, has anyone figured out a way to stop steam from driving my ANOVA insane? The whole thing just went weird twice in the first week of ownership

That’s why you cut a hole in a covered container - having a good, snug fit means that you won’t get steam around the APC, causing heat overload to the electronics in the head of the unit.

Heh, if you’ve been banned from the power tools, I’m sure you can find a friend that will be able to do it for you. :slight_smile: 2 1/2" hole saws can be had pretty cheaply. :slight_smile:

I too had a lot of condensation on the Anova so I wrapped a small piece of foam around the circulator to cut off the steam.