My nano unit is not starting

Hi there,

So I got my New Anova nano today and I was planning to cook a steak right away. I did everything right and when I click the start button it shows “STOP” on the display. I’ve tried everything but nothing changed, I contacted the support team and they asked me to fill a return form. Is there any way to do it without returning?


Hamza, since its new i’d return it and hope for better luck next time.

Meanwhile, yes you can cook your steak using the cat’s modified app-less SV technique. Don’t let it get around, but you can enjoy a delicious SV steak if you have some patience, a thermometer, a heat source (aka a stove or cooktop) and a sufficiently large pot of warm water.

Let’s do it.
Step 1. Vacuum pack your steak however you planned to.
Step 2. Bring water up to the planned cooking temperature that you determined according to your preferred degree of steak doneness. If you have no idea what that means stop right here and go read Baldwin.
Step 3. Immerse your steak in the preheated water noting the start time of this cook. Write it down. It’s important.
Step 4. Adjust the water temperature using your heat source’s control just as you would any other time to achieve your selected cooking temperature. If you have a sufficiently large volume of water it will remain reasonably stable with just minor adjustments to temperature near the very low end of the control’s range. Covering the pot will aid temperature stability.
Step 5. At the beginning check the water temperature every few minutes and try to keep it within +/- 3ᴼF of your target. You’ll soon get to know how long you can go without checking temperature and making adjustments.
Step 6. Now go and do Steps 1 through 5. Then come back and read the rest of this epistle.
Step 7. Get that piece of paper with the start time and add your planned cooking time to the start time. It will likely be about a couple of hours depending on your steak’s thickness, - but you already knew that.
Write it down. That’s the time this part of the cooking ends.
Step 8. At your cook time end point proceed with the rest of the SV technique; decanting, drying, seasoning, quickly searing, and serving on a heated plate just as you would if your New Anova Nano wasn’t a dud.

Here’s your reading assignment:
Do the work and you will be delighted with your results.
Keep a detailed record of all your cooks so you can replicate your success and make intelligent adjustments to the almost successes.