New Sous Vide User? What Are Your Burning Qs?

Any shape that will fit comfortably on the bench,

I’m cooking corn on the cob with the precision cooker, and the recipe calls for 30 minutes at 185 degrees. Using the app, I put in the temperature and time and started it. It counted down for a few minutes while preheating, then it started the 30 minute timer when the water was only at 145 degrees. There are now 11 minutes left on the timer, and it still hasn’t reached 185 degrees (it’s at about 179). Why does the timer start before it is preheated???

It shouldn’t.

As far as I can tell, the it looks like the app estimates how long it will take to preheat the water to the desired temperature, then after this preheat time expires, it just starts the cooking timer whether or not the water is at the right temperature. That is not very useful if that’s really how it works. Definitely not a “precision” cooker.

That’s not how the app is supposed to work. Or it least it’s not how it used to work.

Hey @JTC please hit up customer support so they can look into the app issue you’re experiencing.

Hi @fischersd

What do you mean by “calibrate it in the app”?

Do you mean adjust the temp that you set the ANOVA to for a cook taking into account the variance between the temp you take with a thermometer and the set temp of the ANOVA or can you actually calibrate the ANOVA in app?

There used to be an option in the app to recalibrate the temperature setting. Appears it’s no longer there (at least I can’t find it now).

If your APC is off (and you better be using a very good digital thermometer that you KNOW is accurate), you can try the procedure here:

Failing, that, you should contact support - or 855.421.8282

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Wow, thanks @fischersd for the info it is very much appreciated .

Had a two inch 1 lb ny strip steak, how long to put in the sous vide for med. rare

Work on about an hour per inch to get the meat up to temperature all the way through. Because steak is a naturally tender cut of meat, you’ll probably not need anything more than this, though some people like to do steak for between 2 and 4 hours. If you’re after medium rare 130F will do it nicely.

There is a guide in the Anova app for steaks. The times and temperatures recommended in the app may vary slightly from the above, but those given will get you into the ballpark.

Hi there, all the recipes I see are for one steak. Can I cook two steaks in the same bag? If each steak is one inch, would I set the timer as if it were two inches? How does that work?

They must be side by side rather than having them overlapping, but no difference in time. All cooking works on heat transference and the time for the heat to get to the centre of the product. Sous vide is really no different from other forms of cooking in this regard. Much like it takes the same time to cook 2 one inch steaks in the same pan (provided your pan is big enough) it is the same in sous vide processing. If they were stacked on top of each other then it would be as if there was a 2 inch steak in the bag.

The time needed is really only that required to reach temperature equilibrium (centre of steak same as water temperature) , but most folk like to cook their steaks from 2 to 4 hours.

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Hi fischersd,

Does reheating the steaks from the fridge / freezer further the cooking time or alter the final product?

I am interested in using the sous vide to prepare meals in advance that we can take away with us in our camper trailer so this really is my first ‘burning question’. TIA.

Yep, glad to help! :slight_smile:

It takes the same amount of time to bring them up to temp as it would take originally. I know, you’re concerned about making the meat TOO tender. I’m guessing you want to cook them in advance, so they’re pasteurized? (so that way they more safely transport in a cooler - less chance of pathogen growth above 40F).

I’d point you to the Food Lab’s Steak guide for what cook times of 4hrs+ do to steak, so you get your expectations set.

Most people don’t mind a more tender steak. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t cook a steak for 24 hours though…makes it more like a slab of roast beef. :slight_smile:

The real savings when doing the cook in advance, then reheat is (obviously) for things that require a much longer cook time (such as pork ribs - which I typically do for 36 hours). Those are great, as you can cook up a batch, then throw them in the freezer, then you’re looking at reheating from frozen for a couple hours, then finish on the grill to caramelize the BBQ sauce on the ribs. :slight_smile:

Maybe you just throw the steaks into the cooler frozen and do the complete cook at the campsite? (or are you anticipating storing them for several days? - hence the desire to pasteurize).

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Good info @fischersd!

Regarding how long cooks affect steak, the guys on the youtube channel “sous vide everything” did a video comparing steaks cooked at different lengths of time and the steaks cooked longer were still “good”
, they just reminded them more of tender roast than of steak.

Here’s a link to the video in case you’re interested -

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hI AlyssaWOAH
I used my new Anova unit yesterday to sous vide a fresh 6 lb pork tenderloin cut into 3 separate portions, and used the guideline in the Anova app, which said 140 F (60 C) for a hour. I thought that was a bit short, so left it in for 1.5 hrs. Still came out pink, but dark pink in some areas, which went away when I cut them into 1/2" steaks, and seared them in a hot pan.

I NEVER would have served them at the done-ness right out of the sous vide (would have been RAW, who want raw pork?).

I do NOT agree from what I have seen on most websites that this is worry free cooking. We need to have clearer instructions on using the sous vide when cooking different sizes of cuts, or people will get sick.

I haven’t found on this or other websites a guideline about cooking time vs temperature vs weight for different types and cuts of meat, but that would be most helpful if there were. All users say is the amount of meat in the water container is not relevant, as long as you get the temperature right, which is WRONG and DANGEROUS!

The idea that pork has to be cooked within an inch if existence is out of date and wrong. It stems from a time when parasites were a problem in the pork industry. That’s no longer the case and hasn’t been for a decade or more, but the news is slow in penetrating the kitchens of the world.

Medium rare pork is perfectly safe.

With sous vide cooking temperature gives the doneness. If you want traditional, well done pork then cook it at 150-155F. Time needs to be enough for the heat to penetrate to the core if what you are cooking and then start breaking down the collagen in the meat.

Personally., I love my pork cooked at 130F.

Hi @gnadworny Earlier on in this thread @Ember provided a link to Dr Douglas Baldwin’s guide - an extensive work detailing sous vide cooking and food safety. Her link was to the section on chicken and eggs, but he also provides instruction on pork - and much more.
Check it out. I think you’ll be pleased.


I cannot connect to wifi, because the apt building I live has the router secured in a closed room. I there fore need to use Bluetooth and that works fine until I go somewhere it naturally disconnects when I get to far away. However when i get back my Samsung s8+ will reconnect, it stays on searching for Anova, Do you have any suggestions for either my wifi problem or bluetooth problem. With bluetooth I have to shut my Anova off in order to get it to reconnect.