NOOB ALERT! Gluten-free

Greetings all!

As I await my oven, I am already starting to think of ways to get the most value from it. I have a very good friend who is gluten-intolerant, and I’d love some recipes to try for GF breads, particularly a sourdough, if there is such a thing. I know I can look online for generic recipes, but is cooking in the Precision Oven as simple as “Follow the normal recipe, add steam”? If not, where would I look for recipes?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Pretty much. There are much better sites for GF baking out there. The oven is quick to temp and the steam is good for oven rise and proofing. It’s no silver bullet, but the oven will make learning to bake GF easier than using a cheap range.

Best of luck.

As I said in another thread…

Fantastic – thanks!


Go to Pinterest and do a search for Anova Precision Oven. I saw a sourdough boule recipe and many others.


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Google seems to indicate that sourdough gluten free bread is a thing.

Additional searching seems to indicate that steam is beneficial for gluten free bread.

On the topic of adjusting recipes for the Precision Oven, my experience has been with wheat breads so take this with a grain of salt, I have found that adjusting recipes for steam involve using steam for the first 1/3 of the bake time and then turning steam off for the remaining 2/3.

The tricky part in doing this is that the steam can accelerate the baking so that you find the bread is done earlier than the original recipe indicates. For example in baking baguettes where the recipe indicated 24 to 28 minutes I found the bread was baked in 18.

For the first few bakes I would recommend keeping an eye on the bread during its initial oven spring so you can know when to turn the steam off and several minutes before the recipes’ stated finish time so that it can be removed early as needed.


Thanks! I’m a total noob, so I am eating this stuff up (figuratively for now, but literally once the oven arrive next week).

Hi Joe. I’m an experienced gluten-free baker. Just got my Anova and joined this community. I make 2 - 3 sourdough GF boules per week, some in the Anova, some in my regular oven. In the Anova, I use the middle rack, 425 F, 100% steam, rear heat for 10 minutes, then cut steam to 0% and switch heat sources to top/bottom and no fan for the remainder of the bake. My 16-ounce boules usually take another 75+ minutes. The starches in GF sourdoughs take some time to gel, so the longer bake time is normal. I’ve got a website - - with lots of free recipes and no advertising. Most aren’t yet converted to the Anova but will be soon. Best of luck.