Other uses for APC

I love my Anova Precision Cooker and use it all the time. Eggs, chicken, fish, 72-hour shortribs, creme brûlées, and even infused alcohols. All the classics, but I’ve found a few other uses and I just felt it was time to share.

  1. Shampooing the carpet. You have to fill the carpet shampoo machine’s reservoir with hot water so instead of running the tap each time I just keep a bunch holding at 130*F.

  2. Making soap. I just started messing around with this and I’m using the melt and pour method. 160*F in a ziplock bag and it’s perfect. Easy to pour into molds and quick cleanup.

  3. Cleaning my smoking pipe. Glass pipes need cleaning. In a ziplock bag I cover the pipe with rubbing alcohol and put it in a 140*F bath for 30 minutes. If there are any stubborn spots dump a handful of coarse salt in the bag and shake

I’m sure I’ll find other uses, but for now I’ve got to get back to the water.


Why, I can make a a hat, a broach or a pterodactyl out of it.

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!

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