Tips and Tricks

Hi Anova community

This is my first time on this forum but I’ve been using my Anova cooker for more than three years now.

I just wanted to share this first idea with you.


For small quantities, you can use the All-Clad asparagus Pot to cook or reheat you meal. It’s narrow and high, which is perfect for cooking one or two bags at a time. It just works great. It’s easy to fill and very fast to reach the desired temperature. In addition, It doesn’t take much space in the kitchen. I bought mine used for 30$.

I was not sure at first that the temperature would be uniform everywhere, given the little space between the Anova cooker and the wall of the pot. I took several temperature measurements to conclude that the temperature difference was less than 0.5C.


The second trick is to allow uniform heat all around the bags. I know some people use a rack at the bottom of the pot (such as the ‘‘IKEA VARIERA organizer’’ or use clothespins to attach the bags to the side of the pot. Here is an other way to do it.

You need: A cork, a small safety pin and a tie-wrap.

Instructions (see the picture below): Make a shallow incision in the cork with a knife. Insert the bottom of the safety pin in the incision and secure in place with a tie-wrap. Cut the excess plastic and that’s it! I’ve cooked up to ten bags at a time and they all self align nicely!
The more corks you need, the more wine you need to drink :slight_smile:

I prefer using synthetic corks (made out of dense plastic foam). They last longer and do not absorb water with time. You may want to use two or more corks for heavier bags. You can also use anything else that floats easily.

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Thanks for sharing this with us! :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks.