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What Type or Kind of Plastic bags does one use with the Anova or do I have to Purchase a Special Type
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I use zip close bags. I have used both store brands and ZipLock brand bags and find them both ok for low temperatures but I buy freezer bags which are heavier.

Be sure that the zip is completely free of food and that you double check that the whole length is closed.


Most recommend the freezer grade Ziploc brand bags for cooking in. Or else you can splash out and purchase reusable silicon bags.

For longer cooks the suggestion is to double bag if using Ziplocs.


I usually use freezer grade bags. If you’re looking into reusable silicone bags, we sell them on our website. https://anovaculinary.com/reusable-silicone-bag/

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I use vacuum seal bags. I do longer cooks and I trust them not to fail. I also like them better for vegetables. For a steak, chicken or pork I would not have any qualms about using freezer Zip Locks.


Like others have commented, freezer-grade zipper bags for 2-3 hours or less (steaks, pork, chicken, etc) and vacuum seal bags for longer cooks of 12 to 48 hours (lamb shanks, etc). I avoid the standard or “sandwich” zipper bags as they often fail and leak.

A benefit to vacuum seal bags is you can buy food in larger quantity, vacuum seal and into the freezer. When it’s time to cook, just pull out of the freezer and add 50% to the cooking time. Useful when buying at your favourite “C” or “S” bulk buying warehouse.


I use lemon scented garbage bags. Adds extra flavor.


I used this kit which was super great - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07539879R

Highly recommended.

I use the mint scented bags. It’s has the added benefit of keep pesky raccoons out of your cook!!

Can someone tell me an ideal first pot,to buy for my new anova that I just received? Not ready for buying a cooler yet but really want to try the anova out

One of the pots you already have will work fine for awhile. Just remember to put a DRY folded towel under it to protect your countertop. This is my first setup.

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Ok this is gonna sound like a dumb question but why can’tt u just place your pot on the stove if it’s a natural gas stove with the elevated grids?

No problem putting the pot on a stove. Some folks actually use the stove to preheat water before adding the cooker. But it does tie up a burner and can get in the way of using the stove for other cooking.

There’s also the safety issue of an electrical cord near any other high heat source such as gas flame or electric coil.


Hey welcome @Foodie!

We have an ongoing thread about vessels/containers that might help you with this question: Best Vessels/Containers for Precision Cooking

If you’re doing small cooks for now, any deep pot will work.