Ziplock cooking bags

I want to use ziploc bags rather than vacuum bags
From a safety perspective, do I need to buy a specific type of ziploc bag?

Thanks in advance

I prefer the Ziploc FREEZER bags. They’re THICK and the new ones have a DOUBLE zip arrangement.

Never had a fail yet.


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Another vote for Ziploc Freezer bags. I prefer using my food saver for long cooks, but I don’t hesitate to use Ziploc Freezer bags for short cooks at temps below 170F.

I use these they are good. I just put it in a ziplock bag and then the other bag. And I pump all the air out. Then I open the ziplock bag. And all the juice stays in the zip lock. And the other bag is reusable. Once in a while if I don’t seal it tight the juice leaks but still most stays in the zip lock bag.

Yes, as mentioned above, use freezer grade ziplock bags. Another option, if you want to minimize plastic waste, would be reusable silicone bags.

Ditto on Ziplock FREEZER bags (also used Glad brand freezer storage bags) .
I’ve used them for an 8 hour cook at 165F (chicken confit in Recipes section).

Is there any other option than plastic bags? Wondering if there’s a healthier / reusable option.

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They did sell silicone bags, and white reusable, will pose every bit as much as a health risk as using food grade plastic bags

Reusable silicone bags are definitely a great option. I have a couple at home. They work great for smaller cuts like chicken breasts or steaks.

**This link was also mentioned above in this thread.

Brian, please help us understand the health risk in the use of silicon bags.

You might want to re-read my comment. I suggest this as i compare the health risk of food grade plastic bags to that of silicone as Jay was looking for a healthier option. The health risk of both in this application is none at all.


I.E. “None at all.” :slight_smile:

Edit: Oops! @Brian1 I was responding to the initial version of your post I received in email - prior to your adding “None at all”! Funny that we used precisely the same wording! :slight_smile:

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My ears go all pointy whenever i see “health risk” here.

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@chatnoir @Mirozen completely understand. I was just pointing out that other options are just as risky. There just happens to be no risk at all.



Sorry, but I disagree with the statement both are safe. I never use plastic for cooking. Even the Ziploc Bags are not safe unless labeled as safe, and most are not. Only a few are labeled for steaming and/or microwaving (yuk!). Even BPA-free plastics contain harmful synthetic chemicals. They also use many colors/dyes in their products. Any of these may leech into your foods. Most are only labeled as safe for food storage and/or freezing.

FoodSaver bags are better (made for simmering/SousVide), but still made of plastic (polyethylene).

I use the Stasher silicone bags. They are safe at high temperatures and reusable. A bit more difficult to wash sometimes, but worth the safety and savings. You will get a 20% off certificate with your first order and can use that continuously thereafter. I’m waiting for them to create a larger bag. One gallon is their largest.

These silicone bags work just like regular plastic bags, they are pinch-press and air-tight. They are also petroleum free, contain no PVC, latex, or phthalates. The bags’ non-porous surface inhibits bacterial growth. Silicone is inert, it does not react with other elements or compounds.

You can check out the and and websites and make your own comparisons.

Just my two cents!! (Smile)