Cooking in plastic bags and health issues

I have read that there are health concerns associated with cooking in plastic/zip lock bags. Are there any ways around cooking in these? 

(if you did a search on “Plastic Health” without the quotes, you would have found multiple hits)

Here’s a couple:

And, you really should be posting links for any articles you’re referencing if you want to have a worthwhile discussion about the topic.

Those two links give an error message “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” It seems this page here is the only one relevant to “plastic health”.

EDIT: The search “is cooking in plastic safe?” yields more, including a thread started by fischersd.

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Hi Marco,

Here are some helpful links from community talking about plastic and health.

Some people like to use silicone bags or mason jars as alternatives. There are a lot of ways to work around plastic if that is a big concern for you :slight_smile:

No doubt this could be a problem with chemicals leaching into the food. I know Ziplock Zip and Steam bags contain no extra chemicals for that reason. the bag is made from PE PET period. Plus, I am terrible at sealing the regular zip locks, but a pro at using the ones that are truly self sealing. Zip and steam melts at 280F, so no danger of the lobster meat or Truffles escaping from the bag.