Biodegradable bags

I recently purchased the Precision Cooker for my husband but was wondering if there are any biodegradable plastic bags available to cook in?
I am environmentality conscious and don’t want to add to landfill with each plastic bag that we cook in. Besides washing ziplock bags to re-use, is there any biodegradable bags available to use? I’ve also heard of people using silicone bags, which is very appealing, but does this affect the quality of the cook?
I’m in Australia, so any specific brands or online outlets that I can directly purchase either of these from, would be fantastic.
Thank you!

I would be careful since biodegradable bags are likely not capable of withstanding high heat. I have only seen compostable bags being used to hold compost. I don’t think they are food safe.

Most recycling programs will accept plastic bags.

As for silicon, if you can find some in the size you like that seems like a great idea and they can be sterilized properly, too without worry of them breaking down. As for the cooking, silcone is an insulator so it would significantly increase your cooking time.

Thanks for that :blush: