Oven Searing

I have a family dinner coming up.
I will sous vide QTY (8) 1.5" thick NY Strip Steaks at the same time. (130 deg F for 3 hours)
I have the process of sous vide down pat for only 2 steaks at a time and searing them in a pan on the range is mastered too.
But 8 steaks at the same time presents a searing challenge.
I want to sear them all at once so they all make it to the table at the same time.
My plan is to put them on a broiler pan/rack and put them all in the oven at the same time.
Is 425 deg F for 15 min a good combination of temp/time?
Or is another temp or a different duration of time better?
What combination of temp/time have you used successfully for this cut of meat?

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You don’t disclose your desired degree of doneness for those steaks. i’m guessing about Medium to Medium-Well judging by your plan.

Do you have a baking steel?
If you do, use it sitting in a rimmed sheet pan. And preheat it well ahead at the highest temperature your oven can manage.
If you don’t, this might be just the reason you have been waiting for to get one.

How well do you know your oven’s true temperature? Is it very hot?
Otherwise your choice of temperature seems too low to me unless you are aiming for steaks exhibiting considerable temperature gradient and increased doneness which would unfavourably impact your precision cooking at the finishing step.

Are you comfortable using your oven’s broiler to sear those 8 steaks?
You might consider an advanced test drive with just one 4-inches below the element/flame. Do it with the oven door open so you can watch progress unless you have a hypersensitive fire alarm nearby. It won’t take as long as you think it will. ( For your big dinner you may have to move them around or pull a few as they are done to your liking if your broiler is like most domestic units.)

If you like that test steak the 8 will be almost as easily done as the single one. You could sub a 1 1/2-inch thick meat patty as a tester.

As always, be certain the meat’s surface is dry to achieve the best sear.