Pickle Juice / Brine directory ..Is there one out there?

Been looking for test (not batch) pickle juice recipes equivalent to one singular atypical jar in order to home in on ingredient mixes that aren’t wasteful in testing & subsequent uptake for a larger batch.

Anyone seen anything that almost “serious eats” & other similar noted food sites that does this en masse to find your favourite pickle mix?

To give an example of finally, FINALLY having the context / history of “bread & butter pickles” explained properly after goodness knows how many years of being net-bombed with “best, ultimate, …etc etc bread & butter pickles” someone deigned to state pickled cucumber sandwiches being a depression era stomach filler with some pronounced flavour that kept over numerous seasons in storage as a hardship solution… never knew, always though it related to the pickle juice recipe & the cucumber used.

With that in mind it means I don’t necessarily need specialist cucumber varieties etc (simplifying everything somewhat) …so I can concentrate on small test pickle brines across different vegetables with +/- ingredients (e.g not a fan of turmeric, just as I wasn’t a fan of bland paprika which was all I’d ever been exposed to back in the day, …wholesaler crap for colouring not flavour)

SO, for example 6 small jars with pickled cucumbers each with one more ingredient than the last to find what hits the spot. (not too dissimilar from blending distillate to achieve a satisfactory bottle of whatever whilst avoiding the rough notes that induce the hangover)

If you have a link secreted away, please share your knowledge.

Edit: found this pretty all encompassing resource which is my starter for ten, AFTER starting the thread :expressionless:https://justpickling.com/

Not yet read through, but it appears to deal with small quantities rather than just big batches.