Sous Vide Fried Chicken, Yeasted Waffle w/ Smoked Gouda and Proscuitto, Sorghum

Chicken brined in pickle juice overnight then used the amazing Anova at 140F/2 hours, then double dipped in egg wash and flour (seasoned w/ MSG, smoked paprika, onion powder, S&P) and fried at 425F for about 5 minutes. Yeasted waffle batter risen for two hours and cooked with Gouda and prosciutto. Drizzled with sorghum to finish.


That looks hella good @colewagoner! That’s the kind of breakfast I would like to wake up to. I have never brined chicken in pickle juice…how does that taste like?

The chicken I have had brined this way varied from almost no impact on the flavor to a distinct but not strong dill pickle flavor. It was surprisingly good.


John - we need more pictures from you! YUM! :yum:

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Sous vide waffles! WANT.

Ok, seriously, nice work as always Cole.

Question - pickle brine marinade, are you using vinegar pickles or lacto? For vinegar, are we talking sweet like bread & butter style or just “normal” ones?

Thanks! This is just regular ol’ dill pickles in the jar. Drain the juice and go!

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