Power Meter - Rubbermaid clear plastic 10L tub, Eye Fillet Steak

My first attempt at ‘Sous Vide’, so I started with one of the best steaks available.

Eye Fillet Steak, 4cm ( 1.6" ) thick, 400gm ( 14oz ). A very nice price of meat ! Light seasoning of salt flakes, black pepper and garlic powder.

I also used a Power Meter, to monitor watts. Two hours of cooking, my 400gm steak = 14 cents ! ( at 40c per kWh ). I started with warm tap water. Bath reached 57oC within 20 mins. Power then flip/flopped between 100 - 200 watts, for the first 30 mins. I felt too much heat was being lost thru the walls, so I added two towels around the container, for the last 90 mins. Power then flip/flopped between 17 - 85 watts. But, who cares, when the meat would only cost 40 cents to cook without the towels, ( and I have solar panels on my roof. )

Removed steak from plastic bag. Patted dry. Seared in a very hot cast iron fry pan, using ‘Rice Bran’ oil. … Time to eat. OMG ! I am in Heaven. WOW ! Where has ‘Sous Vide’ been for my entire life. I am a ‘Medium Rare’ meat person. More red tinted juice came from the meat, than I expected. Next time I will try ‘Medium’ and perhaps 59oC or 60oC.

I purchased $3 Paper Napkin Holder, and used it to keep the sealer bag just above the floor of the container. The Napkin holder is now showing signs of rust, after a single use. I need to find something made of heat resistant plastic.

The ‘Rubbermaid’ container feels a little fragile, with the Anova WiFi precision hanging off the side. I probably need to find a better option.

Nice one. I cook my eye fillet to 55°C for my 3yo and myself and we love it! Ridiculously tender (but it starts off pretty good already). :slight_smile:

I am impressed by the taste buds of your 3 year old. You both like ‘Rare’.

I am 61 years old, and Australian. In my child-hood, 1960’s and 1970’s, we used the ‘English Cooking Method’. All meats, including steak, had to be to ‘Well Done’ or ‘Burnt’. Vegetables were boiled in water for 2 hours, till they were soft and mushy, ( and the water we throw out was more nutritional ).

I was in my early 20’s, when I was served a ‘Medium Rare’ steak at a fancy restaurant. I was not game to object, so I eat it. OMG ! Eureka Moment. My taste buds exploded in my mouth. I almost cried with delight.

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