Pre sous vide duck breast


I’m doing a dinner party for 6, and I’m doing Sous Vide duck breast, can you pre Sous Vide the breasts, and leave in fridge, till needed, or are there issues with doing this.

Restaurants have been doing that for decades. You can cook them several days in advance.

I recommend you use an ice water bath to rapidly chill the cooked duck breasts. Tumble them around in the bath frequently to speed the chilling process.

Before service reheat them with your Anova for up to an hour at the cooking temperature or slightly lower. Then to serve, pat dry, season, and pan-sear to crisp the skin.

Happy cooking.

Many Thanks

My pleasure Wigan.
I should have told you the ice bath tumble will take about a half-hour, longer won’t hurt.

Also, be sure to reserve all that luxurious duck fat you are going to get. The day of your meal while its still warm just put it in a covered container and refrigerate it. The fat will solidify over the juices and the layers can be easily separated when you have time. Blot the fat dry with paper towel, seal and freeze. It keeps well when frozen, as in months. The juices can also be frozen for later, then reduced and used to enhance a poultry sauce or soup. Be sure to date and label everything you freeze.

Potatoes or vegetables sautéed in duck fat are delicious.
It’s also good for topping paté or duck rillettes, - whatever they are.

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I am bring duck breast to my BIL on Christmas. If I sous vide, sear, cool, slice and food saver on Christmas eve and sous vide on Christmas day will I lose the crispy skin? If not, how long to sous vide?