Warming pre-cooked SEALED bag 1/2 duck to finish on oven rack

We eat a good few chinese duck over the year, pre-coked, pre-chilled or cooked & frozen varieties. …it’s something we even have as an xmas no stress meal.

As they tend to be sealed in a sous vide bag I was thinking “moistness retention” via a sous vide dunk (at what temp) !? (i’m guessing 62 odd degrees c) for 60-90 mins then finish off in a hot oven “X wing” rack to crisp the skin all over, & subsequently shred?

What say you good folk?

Hey Mr. Gus, is that a whole cooked duck with an empty cavity? It could be a challenge.

If so, your plan could be a problem food safety-wise at both of your proposed cooking times. Consider cutting on both sides of the backbone and discard to flatten your duck, and maybe even halve it through the breast bone to have 2 halves. (Sorry, - but that’s English.) Then repackage for a safe 90 minute heating at about 62C.

Decant and pat duck dry before giving it a shot under the broiler to crisp the skin. Shred and enjoy.

I knew after i’d posted & left for the remaining village pub I should have put down more info.

TBH Noir it’s a mix, but atypically the supermarkets in the uk sell 1/2, cooked ducks,chinese supermarkets the full duck.

I will take it under advisement, as its the wife who controls duck dishes (mandolin finger shredder issues) …thanks, thats just the stream of thought I required (bash it with an iron to reduce cavity space) :

That’s my role in life Mr. Gus.
Quality enhancement and waste prevention is what i do.

My primary vendor has racks of ducks, soy and BBQ chickens, pork ribs and of course the whole sides of BBQ pork hanging in a heating merchandiser. I sometimes forget that may not be everyone’s experience.

The use of mandolins can have a painful learning curve. Best to whack up your duck with a sturdy knife or chopper.


I avoid mandolins because of previous form (adding finger tips to food when trying to listen to the wife) will sharpen the cleaver after I’ve tried the iron :wink:

If I sharpened the cleaver the way I do my wood axes & bill-hooks the knife drawer would be a no go area.

“too good to go” food recycling app was our supper provider tonight, that app needs more coverage in these times.

Well, that was a raving success, the family demand that sous vide duck finished for 17 mins in a hot oven on an X rack for complete exterior crisping (220c) is the new normal.

I will butcher a whole duck tomorrow & get a bit more adventurous with it in terms of flavour, suffice to say the “as was” bag duck was deemed minimum 50% improvement in terms of flavour saturation but less greasy with it, this I only heard as I was “mopping up” left overs from a different meal Involving 2kg of gruyere I inadvertently opened (it was meant to be an aged summer comte I was maturing) …not even the merest sniff of duck for me!

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