Pudding / pot immersion, don't forget, , size your jars & be rational, not a cheapskate.

Just an FYI recommendation & a peturbed puzzlement hopefully worth mentioning.

Writing this in january, sales are on, bought some kilner 250 ml 2piece lid jars as I couldnt find smaller & the only ball & mason jars that were available were crazily priiced in the uk

Considering that Gu product, m&s deluxe puddings that you may taste & wish to emulate are likely sitting firmly on the 100ml marker if measured / packaging is inspected.

Therefore, not knowing what the yield is anticipated to be on the recipe, be ready for anything, & this is also why coughing up for the right screw lid pot size regardless is worth reconsidering.

SV deserts, lets say sit in water at 82c (too hot for fingers) …a jar lifter or a really capable spatula might do at a push, jam jar type lifters are costly but quick to do the job at either end,.

Those jars I bought, despite being an 8 large egg & the excess of good stuff in the recipe.did not give a clue as to yield, (latterly I found out it was a foamy 900 ml from all the whisking, so in reality likely 600 ml of pre cooked liquid at most.

This means that there. is a lot of air in those cheap but too large screw lid jars, & flotation upon immersion, off balance & sloppy looking in the jar (potentially) so 6 rich puddings then become 3 jars (re-decanted) in essence 200ml of liquid pudding per the remaining 3 x 250ml screw lid jars.

Using this fag packet scenario math the remaining +/- 50ml air space is tentatively immersed & “only just” manages to sit as needed on the bottom of the container, clanking away glass on glass, …a close run thi g therefore.

This is the sort of thing thst can catch you off guard especially when trying a new recipe (over concentrating) having not checked for weight displacement immersed & built that into an anova submitted recipe.

Of course if we had more detail in recipes based on type then that would likely be another hurdle cleared, but unless.thats coded, or detail imparted from.the submitter you are left guessing, if winging a recipe & pushed for time in ingredient prep & purchase maybe foiled or having to dash back to double up on ingredients (waste / gluttony may ensue)

In this instance that would be 16 large egg yolks for 6 puddings, 500ml + of whipping cream,full cup of sugar, etc, so the portion price & contro go out of the window!

Makes the price of the smaller ball & mason jars seem a lot more palatable all of a sudden.

So in the sale my jars (kilner) were reduced to £1.40 each (inc taxes) …I bought six.

The ball & mason needed pre ordering, (delivery charges also) & were close to £12.99 best price inc tax for 4 x 135ml equivilent, meaning water container displacement & portion size is a doddle.
Maybe just buy the correct size next time eh!? :rofl:

Hopefully some context & food for thought that doesn’t come across in many (if any) anova recipe listings

This of course is all speculation, it never happened to me, & I am not cleaning up the mess getting it wrong from not doing a clean water test immersion “sink weight” capacity test & the kitchen is not a damnable mess :flushed: with supper steaks yet to be put on.

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In the meantime, bigger, infinitely more calorific jar based puddings will be the order of the day, Bah, that brand is criminally expensive for so little, it boggles my mind somewhat.

UPDATE / Finale:

The very same website I inspected for jars, by name & other means that my wife went looking for (knowing that they were not the ones I really wanted) now has these on their website!
BUT, not for collection mail order only (& the store is only a short drive away) …annoys the hell out of me when shops / sites pull this stunt.

Pack of 4 Ball Mason 135ml Regular Mouth Preserving Jars | Dunelm,

  • £3.95 delivery

Bearable if it was instore, not as it stands.

How much are these 4 packs of the 135 in the North America / Wonderful Canada? …& presumably a product you can pick up in a bricks & mortar store!?

Edit: just looked at Walmart prices for tax inclusive delivery (as if I were back in the states) shocking, in the uk we are having our backsides tanned by comparison (& I don’t mean bare buttock sunbathing)