Quantity variations from recipes

I want to sous vide rack of lamb, the recipes is for two racks (2 lbs), what would I change ( temperature or duration ) by tripling the quantity, that is, doing six racks (6 lbs.)( eight rib racks ) ? Is this true of all meats - steak, ribs etc. ? Thank you in advance

Don’t change time or temperature. Nothing. One rack or 2 or 10 will all cook in the same time if they are bagged separately.

Need to get out of thinking in terms of weight or volume. What you need to think of is thickness and the time it will take for the heat to penetrate. The rule of thumb is half an inch per half hour. Provided the racks are approximately the same size, nothing needs to change. If one rack is considerably bigger than the others you can increase the overall time, if you desire.

Sous vide is very time forgiving. Better to over do the time than under. Your meat is only going to get more tender. Remember it can’t go over the temperature that you’ve set for your bath.

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Be sure that you use a large enough container to allow the water to circulate. This will only be a problem if the bags are pushed together and against the side.