Red snapper Times and Temps please?

Hey guys! Im cooking Red Snapper for the first time. 2 filets. I have had them sealed and frozen for a week, and have now thawed them with the bag opened. What time and temp do yall recommend? Thanks for any help!

I’ve never cooked Red Snapper, but I found the following descriptions of Red Snapper cooked at various temps and a chart for cook time ( links to my sources are below). Good luck!

Slightly Warmed 104°F (40°C)
104°F for Time by Thickness (40.0ºC)

Firm Sashimi 110°F (43.3°C)
110°F for Time by Thickness (43.3ºC)

Lightly Flaky and/or Firm 120°F (48.9°C)
120°F for Time by Thickness (48.9ºC)

Very Flaky and/or Firm 132°F (55.5°C)
132°F for Time by Thickness (55.6ºC)

Chewy 140°F (60°C)
140°F for Time by Thickness (60.0ºC)

Starting Temp: Fridge
Shape of Meat: Slab
2.75" (70mm) 3:50
2.50" (63mm) 3:05
2.25" (57mm) 2:40
2.00" (51mm) 2:00
1.75" (44mm) 1:40
1.50" (38mm) 1:20
1.25" (32mm) 0:55
1.00" (25mm) 0:35
0.75" (19mm) 0:21
0.50" (13mm) 0:10
0.25" (7mm) 0:08

Links to where I found this info…