recooking undercooked salmon?

I just cooked Salmon at 120 for 45 min. It is now in the fridge. I think it is under cooked. When I reheat it, can I cook it at 130? or will that ruin it?

I don’t think that’s low at all. Why do you think it is?

You can definitely cook it for more if you think it needs to be so. How thick was the piece you were cooking? Personally, it sounds over cooked to me, but I also “cook” my salmon 104°F, so to each their own. If you want to have a more well done piece of salmon, you could absolutely heat it at a higher temperature. There is some information you might find useful here:
Good luck!

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Inor, you can have your salmon just the way you like it without worry. The Salmon Police always take their vacations this month.

To what degree of doneness did you want your salmon cooked? That’s what’s important. If you want it firm and flakey you can cook it at a higher temperature or buy canned.

Or just gently pan sear that salmon in the refrigerator long enough to bring its internal temperature up to 125F. Then let it sit tented with foil for five minutes on your warmed plate, not wrapped. That will get it up to 130F, if that’s the doneness you like.

You do have an instant-read digital probe thermometer don’t you?

I made sweet and smoky salmon last night for the umpteenth time. It calls for 115 degrees, but I bumped mine up to 122 to try to firm it up a bit. Sous vide leaves salmon so juicy that my filets want to fall apart.

Thank you everyone for your reply. But I don’t think I expressed my question properly. What I was asking is, after cooking my salmon for 45 min at 120, could I recook it at 130 for 45 min (or possibly less) to increase the internal temperature as the center seemed quite undercooked. Or would that ruin it.

Instead I just put it in a pan and cooked it so that the center would cook a little more.

Thank you, Inor

@inor it really comes down to personal preference - how do you yourself like it.
Why not try cutting a piece of fish into several cubes, then bagging them up in individual baggies and cooking each at a different temperature over a range of temps. You could identify the temp that works best for your tastes.

Good luck!

Inor, it’s good to know you used my recommendation.

So you can precisely replicate your cooked salmon to what internal temperature did you cook it?