Basic salmon preparation

I’m a brand new user of sous vide cooking. I tried preparing brined salmon at 135 for 35 minutes. It was cooked properly but only warm. What did I do wrong?

You did absolutely nothing wrong. The gastronomical term for this is “salmon mi-cuit”, where mi-cuit translates from French “half-baked”. The food cooked Sous Vide quite often is not the same as traditionally cooked. Sometimes we go to great lengths to finish the dish, so it looks similar to traditional, sometimes we don’t. We sear the meats after (or before) cooking to impart some additional taste created by Maillard reaction (caramelization), but mostly so that meat doesn’t look raw.
Good salmon can be eaten raw (sashimi), and brining might cook fish by itself (ceviche). Both are eaten cold. “Mi-cuit” is another preparation, and it supposed to be barely warm.

Is there a way to achieve more done ness without over cooking the fish?

Or at least a warmer temp?

135 degrees Fahrenheit is already a rather high temperature according to most Sous Vide cookers! In this video you can see what different temperatures do to salmon. 135 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately 57 degrees Celsius.

I would suggest experimenting with temperatures to see what best fits you taste. A higher temperature always means that your salmon will be more cooked than when you’re cooking it at a lower temperature, I prefer my salmon at ~43 degrees Celsius.

I use 125°F for medium rare and 135°F for medium, it all comes down to personal preference.
or you can follow these steps in this blog like i did