Oven recipe for Crispy Skin Salmon shows 0 cook time

The Anova Oven recipe for Salmon with Crispy Skin by Scott Heimendinger shows a cooking time of 0.

Can someone let us know what the cook time should be?


Serves 4
Prep Time 00:40
Cook Time 00:00

Screenshot_2021-01-24 Salmon with Crispy Skin Thanks!

Hi Bill, Scott’s Salmon recipe puts you in control of your cooking. Why not?

Cook your fish for as long as it takes to attain your choice of internal temperature according to the sensor.

Rather than telling you the degree of doneness you should enjoy he lets you decide for yourself. That’s why using the probe puts you in control of your cooking rather than the recipe writer.

Cook the salmon to your favourite degree of doneness and enjoy.
If you don’t know how you like your salmon done, here’s some internal temperature choices:

Rare: 108F or 42C
Medium-rare: 120F or 49C
Medium: 140F or 60C

Cook times will vary according to temperature and thickness.
Use the probe. Generally, you can plan on the cooking time to be about 15 to 20 minutes.
Don’t watch a timer, watch the sensor.
Now you’re really cooking.