Reheating and holding chicken

what is the lowest temperature boneless chicken thighs can be reheated at, and how long can you hold them at that temperature

Just curious - what are you trying to achieve? When you reheat, you can just use the same temperature you used when cooking the food

I understand now. Yeah, you can use a temperature you used before to cook the chicken, or something slightly lower. I’d recommend taking a look at some of Douglas Baldwin’s stuff on food safety and other things.

Since you are planning to sell chicken from a food cart your local Public Health officials likely have already set out regulations concerning the food holding times and temperature limits you will need to monitor and document. They have the final word on what you can do and how to do it.

If you plan to operate for more than 4 hours a day you should consider safely cold-holding the bags of SV cooked chicken and only reheat them according to demand. Most jurisdictions only permit food to be reheated once, so you cannot keep any reheated chicken left at the end of your business day. That can get costly.

Among many other things, you also need to consider how you plan to sanitize the tools you use to handle cooked food to prevent contamination.