Reheating steak

Hi Everyone,

I cooked SV steak for the first time yesterday at 134F for 2 hours. Then I put it in the fridge. I am planning to sear it today. Should I reheat the steak in SV at 100F again before searing? If so, how long should I reheat it and would it be ok to reheat it at 100F? Thanks.


Kaiser, 100F is Ok, but hardly ideal.

You can reheat your steak at any temperature up to 134F without altering its medium rare status. And don’t worry, you won’t overcook it. I’d use a higher temperature than 100F unless you really like to eat body-temperature meat.

You don’t reveal your steak’s thickness so we can’t give you a definitive answer on time.

You will eventually learn that for SV cooking an item’s thickness influences length of heating and cooking time. Until then you will be frequently befuddled by SV. As Ember, our Anova Community’s Resident Sous Vide Wizard frequently informs folks here you can plan on heat penetration to be an inch of meat thickness per hour. That’s always close enough for a reheat situation like yours. If your steak is a two-inch thick Tomahawk Rib-Eye, figure on two hours then sear away. It will be deliciously medium rare from edge to edge.

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Hey Chatnoir, thanks for the reply. Very helpful! My steak is about 1.5-2 inches thick. So I will reheat it at 134F. But since I cooked the meat already yesterday, how long should I reheat it before searing it? What I understand from your explanation is that I need to reheat it for 1.5-2hrs again.

Correct. I regret i wasn’t more clear.
1 1/2 to 2 hours will do the job and your steak will not be overcooked.

I know it is difficult to comprehend all this for someone new to SV cooking. The most difficult part is now at the beginning when you must break with your conventional cooking beliefs. Not easy, but the rewards of perfectly cooked foods will be your motivation.

It’s like having to open up a new department in your brain so you can shift between cooking techniques. Or maybe more like learning a new language through immersion so you don’t have to translate between languages in your brain and you simply learn to think and speak in the new language.

And you are welcome.
It is my pleasure to assist you to make food as delicious as can be.

I usually reheat in the toaster oven for a short period of time.

Reheating probably takes a little less time than the cooking, but for something like steak you’re really better off doing it on the day.