Reheating food

I new to Sous Vide and I was wondering about reheating an item. Example: we are going over to family for dinner and I am bring the poached baby potatoes (recipe from app). Can I cook them at home and take them over and just drop the bag into a pot of hot water to reheat?

You can reheat your food with the Anova again. You can just use the same temp.

James, yes, and bring your thermometer.
A pot of water heated no higher than the SV cooking temperature is the standard reheating technique if you are not using your Anova.

Plan on the process taking up to an hour per inch of product thickness to have the entire menu item achieve thermal equilibrium, all of it at the same temperature.

What’s the rule of thumb for how long to reheat food, and if it’s frozen?

Thank you this is very helpful. I’ve had my anova for two days now, so still learning. I tried a chicken quarte I had grilled and stored in the refrigerator. When I reheated, I cooked ate the suggested temp/time for the time to cook from scratch. Bad turn out. The chicken was definitely over cooked, but still edible

That sounds like it was over cooked on the grill before you put it in the fridge

Looks like @chatnoir has a really great post answering these questions:

Danny, please slow down. I know very well that when people are new to a job or cooking technique they tend to rush into tasks before much thinking occurs.
Always wrong. Take deliberate steps and keep a record.

Ask yourself why you decided to cook the chicken again instead of simply reheating it. Please record what you did and the outcome so it won’t be repeated.

Danny, you are allowed, nay encouraged, to read previous posts here to learn from others. Many here have faced all the same challenges you will encounter. Start with my reply to James above. I suggest you skip all the distracting posts on using Anova’s wireless cooking controls. They won’t be useful. Focus on getting acquainted with just the basics here.

Have you started your Cooking Journal yet?
How about the essentials, a digital scale and thermometer?

Happy cooking.


@danny_weems, I strongly second what @chatnoir has posted above, and would also encourage you to seek out past posts by both @chatnoir and @Ember as they are exceptionally good sources of the “core” information on sous vide cooking you are looking for right now (and much more!). There are a lot of posts with good information by many others, but I’ve posted previously - you should be able to find about 90% of what you wish to know in their posts alone.

Best of luck.