New to this, reheat question

Hi All,

I just got my sous vide and one of main reason I got it was to reheat leftover meats from grilling. Currently I am vacuum sealing the leftovers and freezing them. Can I take a frozen bag of meat and put straight into pot and set the Sous to the temp I want the meat at to eat or does it need to be thawed?

Thanks in advance

Yep, you can definitely throw frozen items into the bath. Keep in mind that the temperature setting you use will start cooking the meat once it’s thawed (So, ideally, you would use the same temperature you originally used to cook the meat, so the “doneness” doesn’t advance…should only become a bit more tender).

Perfect, thanks

This also works great at work. I often bring left over meat to work frozen and use the Anova to reheat it. When I am ready for lunch my medium rare steak is ready. Before this method I was relagated to eating it cold on a salad. While good warmed through is definitely better.