Reheating frozen Sunday gravy in sous vide

Hey folks, 

I recently made a Sunday gravy with sausage and brajole and it’s been stored in an container in the freezer. Wondering if it’s a good idea to just drop the container in a sous vide bath for a few hours to heat up precisely without scorching. Anybody try this? Can’t seem to find alot on the internet on this one. 

In my experience, the SV bath does quite well at reheating frozen sauces and thick stewed foods (ropa vieja or lentil dishes for example), but I’ve only done them in vacuum sealed bags.  I would fear that a container might pop open or tilt over and spill.  If you can transfer to a vacuum sealed bag I think you would be fine, just give it a few hours. I typically keep the temps below 165 F on reheats.  

Freeze in mason jar next time :slight_smile:

Rehaeating is a great use for the Anova. Prevents overcooking.

Mostly I just microwave on low.