How to reheat frozen dinner?

Like, already cooked frozen meats? You can drop it into a bath at the same temperature you initially cooked it at. More context will help in this post, though.

If you mean frozen dinner like the kind you pick up from your convenience store. probably don’t use your anova for that.

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Welcome Earl, as Alyssa indicated, details matter when you are seeking support.

If it is a previously cooked and frozen, I use 120 - 150 water for up to an hour. Microwave is faster, but in my opinion, the results are not as good.

If the OP is talking frozen pre-cooked individual dinners, sous vide is probably overkill, as someone else mentioned. The texture might be a bit better than nuking it, but you’re not looking for Michelin stars here.

Now for family size and larger, it does remind me of how much the Army’s M67 immersion heater revolutionized field rations for large groups. Those weren’t frozen, but combined with an improved menu, it made it easier to provide a decent hot meal to troops.