Rib Roast - can Iseasoned and seal in advance

I am doing a rib roast on Christmas. My vacuum sealer has died. I don’t want to spend the $ on a new one right now. I can use a family members to seal it but I would have to do so on Saturday but don’t plan on cooking until Tuesday. The problem/question I have is this. Will it adversely affect the meat if I season it and seal it up that far in advance? I don’t want my roast “brined”.

Personally, I don’t season my meat before it goes into the bath.

It will taste BETTER, the longer you let the salt do its magic.

Not quite true. After a certain time it will start to cure, which is not what one wants in this inastance.

You don’t need to vacuum seal your meat. If you have a vacuum seal bag or a plastic ziplock bag big enough to hold the roast you want to cook, just slowly lower it into the bath using the hot water to mold itself around the roast and displace the air, then you secure it to the side of your water bath container. I stopped using vacuum seal bags after buying silicon bags on Amazon. The awesome thing about the silicon bag is that they are super durable, flexible and reusable and as a bonus, they remain open, so if you want to add vegetables, fluids, herbs or seasoning later on in the cook to prevent over cooking of these items, you can. I love the silicon sous vide bags so much that I take any meat that has been vacuum sealed already and could easily go into the bath as is, out of the vaccum bag and put it into the silicon bag. Try the displacement seal method. As another aside, I find with bony items like rib roasts, pork ribs, you run the risk of puncturing the vaccum seal bag, this is not an issue when lowering the open bag into the bath, obviously don’t go past the open end of the bag and let water into the bag, lol