Searing Corned Beef

Corned Beef cooked using sous vide methods is the best I have had. It is extremely tender but does not fall apart as I have seen with other methods. Slicing it cold for sandwiches is also easy to do. Now my question.

Does anyone sear their corned beef before serving? I saw this in this recipe:
Corned Beef Recipe

I have never done this probably because of what I have eaten up until sous vide entered my kitchen.


I’ve actually taken to doing it because a few folk on the Facebook Group mentioned it. Thought I’d give it a try. When served hot the edges and particularly the fat develop a caramelized, baconesque flavour which is truly delicious. It does highlight the salted flavour a bit in the crust, which is not a bad thing if you’ve got the wash level right but would be awful if the meat was still quite salty.

Cold the flavour impact isn’t quite so apparent, but that’s possibly because the crusty texture disappears and because I slice my sandwich meat quite thin in comparison to the thicker slices when served hot.

I will give it a try next time I make corned beef. The last one I had was still a bit salty but still delicious.

The last one I did a couple of days ago was my best one yet. 4-6 hours wash. But it’s difficult as they vary so much from cure to cure.

I absolutely sear it and smoke for good measure.Throw the cold chilled slab on the kamado with some wood and tamp it down to smoke and caramelize and you have a bit O’ Q heaven.
about 2 hours, 3 max @ 250.

Please tell me about the “wash.” Do you soak the corned beef before cooking?

Yes. It’s just a soak in clean, fresh water to wash out excess salt.