Searing using blowtorch?

Hi all,

New to sous vide so apologies for any incompetence … Question on the finishing searing: Can I use a blowtorch flame instead of a pan? I’m thinking that putting a very tender and delicate piece of meat in a pan and flipping it over may tear my meat to pieces as it (yet) has no “Maillard surface” to hold it together, if you see what I mean? Or will a flame not produce as nice a surface, so that I’m only ruining my food? Any thoughts?


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Hello there!

You can absolutely use a blowtorch - we do it all the time here. Recommendations - 1) do your torching on a heat-safe surface (of course). I like to use a cooling rack situated on top of a baking tray to allow the flame to creep around the edges. 2) Pass over the fattier bits multiple times to get that gorgeous golden crispy crust. YUM! And 3) take some pics and be sure to share them with us! We’d love to see. :slight_smile:


Great - thanks for the reply and for the tips!